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Environmental responsibility is a business opportunity. We help companies minimise their environmental impact while increasing the economic value of their products and services.   

Eco-innovation enables sustainable strategies to emerge, as a result of cross-functional team creativity and increased subject matter know-how.  Exploring the lifecycle of products is naturally conductive to holistic thinking, along the value chain and beyond.  Not only does the process yield smart solutions, but it also seeds the cultural change and competencies needed to turn a strategy into a business reality.

We offer trainings and project based services, using proven methodological tools, who´s backbone is LCA. Qualitative or streamlined, the tools are accessible and meaningful for non experts.>>

The key to creating sustainable value lies in a sound understanding of environmental and business priorities, specific to each company. Only on this basis, can systematic innovation be effective. >>

We also apply proven eco-design recommendations, provide expertise, as well as academic and industry connections, in renewable energies, energy efficiency and advanced materials. 


open green is a methodological tool  that facilitates eco-innovation.  Easy to integrate into a company´s existing product development and operational processes, OpenGreen enables teams to develop competitive, economical and environmentally friendly solutions. >>


EGG 2012 (Electronics Goes Green) in Berlin, 9-12 September 2012 

LCM 2011, Berlin

  • Seeds4Green: a free collaborative internet platform for LCA studies.


Care Innovation 2010  

“Product to Service”: Environmental and Business Opportunities 

Eco-Innovation Enabling Smart Products combining LCA and TRIZ...>>

Eco-innovation tutorial :   A tool-Kit for Eco-Innovation...>>


PanOrder Eco-Consulting contact

1 651 447 5724, E mail 

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Enhance Brand

Lower Cost

New Market opportunities

Innovate and add value 

Employee motivation

Meet shareholder expectations

Lower risk and stay ahead of legislation

Prioritise and issue a strategy

Monitor environmental impacts

Optimise products, services, processes

Convince internal and external stakeholders

Operationalise sustainability

Lithium-ion batteries: from eco-design to eco-innovation. Intrinsically green technologies face environmental challenges as well. Storage is key for the large scale adoption of renewable energies >>